Chopsticks - Altocumulus
Chopsticks - Altocumulus
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Chopsticks - Altocumulus

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Chopsticks are approx 9.5 inches / 24cm long.

Handmade Chopsticks made with epoxy resin and cherry wood. This design features an aluminum pin to add structure between the resin and the wood, as well as being a classy detail!

Please note that these chopsticks are going to be more delicate than your average pair of chopsticks. While they can still be used as a day-to-day utensil, they do require a little care. Instructions for upkeep will be included in the order.

These are NOT dishwasher safe.

This product is not intended for small children: on the off chance that the resin breaks, the small piece can pose a choking hazard.