Frequently Asked Questions:

What is "Tactual"?
Pronounced like "actual" with a T in front of it, Tactual is another term for tactile- ie. connected to the sense of touch. While we like to make and sell a variety of items that don't seem very connected, they are all designed to be touched and used in addition to looking good!
When will the sold out items be back in stock?
We try to add a variety of items to the store every month or two. We can't make every color/design for every restock, but we cycle through our popular items a few times a year so even though it might not be there now, it'll come back later! Please check the website header or instagram for restock dates.
Do you take custom orders?
Presently, we are only taking custom orders for mould & deckle/deckle box sizes. We might be able to accommodate requests for particular colors of chopsticks/coasters depending on our schedule, but there will likely be a wait involved.
What are seconds?
Seconds are items that have some cosmetic or superficial flaws which make it so they don't meet our standards but they are still nice, usable objects. We sell these at a reduced price but we do not do exchanges or returns with seconds.

Do your products need special care?

The chopsticks do need some special care, but they will come with care instructions in the package. If you've misplaced them or if they didn't come with the chopsticks for whatever reason, contact us and we'll send you a digital copy. Please check product descriptions for papermaking equipment care.

Is your packaging eco-conscious?
We try to go paper-based where we can and reuse boxes/other packaging whenever possible. While it is very difficult to be zero waste when in the business of creating objects, we feel that packaging is one aspect that is easier to control so we choose to only use as much material as is necessary to keep our products safe during transit.
What is your processing time?
Items that are in stock should be shipped out within 1-3 business days of your order date. If you ordered something that was labeled pre-order, please allow 4-6 weeks for the item to be shipped out. We will contact you if there are any significant changes to our schedule.
Why didn't I get a shipping confirmation email?
You probably did get one, but it might have been funneled to your spam folder. If you have checked all the folders in the email address you provided, let us know and we can verify the email address and re-send the shipping information.
How do I cancel or change my order?
Contact us if you need to cancel/change your order. Please keep in mind that we will charge a 3% processing fee for canceled orders as there is a cost incurred from processing cancelled orders through Shopify.
All papermaking equipment are final sale items. If you think there was an error with your order, please contact us about your situation.
What should I do if my item arrives damaged?
We try to wrap our items safely and securely, but sometimes breakages do still happen. Contact us within 7 days of delivery if your item is damaged so one of us can make a claim with the postal carrier if applicable. Be sure to include photos of the damaged item and the condition of the package it arrived in. How we proceed will depend on the item and the shipping service.
Do you ship internationally?
Most of our products are set up for orders outside of the US, though the shipping will take longer than domestic shipments. Due to various circumstances, the postage services between here and your country may have been temporarily suspended. You can get more up-to-date information about this here before placing an order. Our larger items may not be set up for your country, please contact us for more information.
Any other questions?
Contact us here.