Mould & Deckle - 11x14 [Pre-Order]
Mould & Deckle - 11x14 [Pre-Order]
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Mould & Deckle - 11x14 [Pre-Order]

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For handmade paper purposes, our mould and deckles are made with 3/4" thick poplar joined with box joints to keep them nice and sturdy in the long term. The deckle is designed to fit over the mould so the pulp can't get in between them. The wood is sealed with multiple coats of polyurethane finish to seal against water damage.

This makes 11"x14" sheets of paper. The outside dimensions of this item when assembled is 14x17x2". Final sheet size may be slightly oversized compared to listed dimensions.

This size is pictured with the support grid, but is available without that feature if you don't want it. Support grid may leave faint lines/ impressions in sheets depending on method/material.

This listing is for pre-order, which means we don't begin production until the order comes in. Generally it will take 4-6 weeks from your order date for the item to be shipped. We will contact you if the item is ready early or if it needs more time.

Care instructions: when you're done using it, allow to dry entirely before storage. If the polyurethane finish starts to wear out and it looks like water is being absorbed into the wood, you can touch it up with an oil-based polyurethane finish.

Please note that all papermaking equipment are final sale items.